My “Hitch-Hiker´s Guide to the Galaxy”-sixth volume!

Read the first edited six chapters of 42 chapters of my unauthorised book “42 is the answer, but what´s the question anyhow?” finished and rejected by the officials in 2005.

Or check out Douglas Adams Continuum and search for my contributions there yet be aware that I, well, at least was the most hated man on their forum!

Take notice of my opinion on Colfer´s version:

And read all about little German writer with four rabbits’ naivety!

„Vot do you say? Zere are already many fan-written versions out zere?“

„Oh, how embarrassing!“

„Vell, anyvay, my version is ze best!“

„And, of course, if you don’t vant to read it… ve haf vays of handeling zose problems zat could be very unpleasant to you!“

„I mean, who vonts zis Artemis-foul-Colfer-crap anyvay!


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