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Introduction, about this blog, code of conduct

With this blog I want to give people an inside-look into the world of a cab-driver, realistic, not sugar-coated and sometimes as drastic as it has to be, and it would make me happy if this would do its part to even make change things a wee bit, I was brought up with the ideals that the world can be changed if everybody does his little part, I haven’t given up on that! Yet what I write is always subjective and very often my own personal view on things I don’t know that much about -feel always free to give me a feedback on that, if it’s in any way beneficial I will put it on this site, wouldn’t mind to keep this as a sort of forum, too. Of course, whenever I write about my passengers I will do this anonymously, only the person involved will be able to recognize them self. If I name someone in person, with full name, or take a picture of them, I do this with the persons consent – if you are not happy with that in the end, or what I’ve written about you, let me know, I will change it.

Short-bio: Basically a typical writer’s bio, a lot of this and a lot of that. After I’ve finished 13 years of school 1981 with the “Abitur”, I’ve done a lot of unfinished studies, that left me with profound general education and debts, languages, politics, even medicine. After that I did, finished, a vocational training as a masseur. I worked in every field, have done basically anything besides dish-washing and have been basically anything, besides a millionaire. And of course I’m a cab-driver since ’84, yet with long breaks in between. I never seriously thought of becoming a writer, was into photography, some acting, guitar-playing and singing, yet after I’ve began in 2002, with some notations about cab-driving, I became quite obsessed with it. I am not married, have no kids, but will catch up with both, as soon as the girl I love quits refusing to talk to me.

So far I’ve written four novels about cab-driving, in German language: „Der Job ist so mies, doch ich brauch den Kies”, 2003. „Jean-Claude Behämmertle jagt den Meerschwein-Mörder”, 2003. „Macht Taxifahren sexy?”, 2004. „Mit dem Taxi durch die Galaxis”, 2004. After that I’ve done a (shortened) second translation of Douglas Adams’ “Hitch Hiker’s guide to the Galaxy”, all five volumes, into German, 2005, which yet isn’t authorized. After that I’ve written a sequel to it, a sixth volume, called “42 is the answer… but what’s the question anyhow?”, in German language, 2005. And translated it myself into English, 2006.

Here are now some local media and celeb feedbacks, (translated), to fill you in. Antenne Südbaden: „a multi-talent on four wheels”. SWR4: „describes life of taxi-drivers”. Chilli – das Freiburger Stadtmagazin: „the taxi-driving poet”. Badische Zeitung: „close to the world he’s writing about”. RegioMagazin: „crosses over a planet called Freiburg and gets from a to b beings of the weirdest species”. Radio Dreyeckland: „street-work in Freiburg”. Der Sonntag in Freiburg: „drama behind steering-wheel!” Freiburger Wochenbericht: „Freiburg-views from behind taxi-wind-screen”. Dr. phil. Julia v. Kleist, Lektorin, married to descendent from the line of Heinrich v. Kleist: „rather hair-raising events… just loved it!” Freiburg’s mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon: „taken from real life…!” Former cab-driver and Foreign Minister of Germany Joschka Fischer: „With this pleasurable reading in pocket-format you have done me a great pleasure!”)

Apologies for any mistekes, um, mistakes concerning English language. This blog is by far too voluminous now to ask for any editing. Once I’ve made a book out of it, I will let that have edited. (Is that good English? If not, well, you’ve just gotta live with it, mates.)

……………………… my Hitch-Hiker’s sequel …………………….

You are also invited to read the first edited six chapters of “Forty-Two is the Answer, but what’s the Question anyhow” in English language, written by me, after motifs by Douglas Adams, a direct sequel to the “Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”! See link to the right at a. My H2G2-Version

…………………………….. my videos ………………………


………………………..Your Comments………………………….

Justin wrote: “Hello Jochen – I just dropped in to say hi and how much I enjoyed reading your blogs and stuff about cabbing. You picked me up on Monday 8th December 2008 at about 10:30 AM outside Hove Town Hall and took me to Brangwyn Avenue in Withdean. I work for the council as an Adaptations Caseworker and was on my way to help a lady complete some paperwork and check documents for a stairlift she is going to have put in to her house as she is finding it hard to get up the stairs. It went well and she will be getting the stairlift put in as soon as possible – I enjoyed the visit as she smoked like a chimney and kept giving me fags! Well good luck with the site and job; maybe I’ll see you again someday! Regards, Justin Colman.” That was when I still had the guest-book at the entry of this site and I had to remove his comment. I told him how can I be world-famous when the first thing people see when they come here is old Justin bumming that poor lady for fags?

Craig wrote on MySpace: “Hi – you picked me up over two months ago from Hove Park School. I am a teacher there. You told me a really funny story about how you went to pick a passenger up from the airport but had your car towed. I forget how it ends? I have just found the piece of paper that you wrote your name on. I am glad I did. What an incredible project. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs.  Best wishes, Craig.” Yeah, how did it end, little German writer with four rabbits’ first Heathrow pick-up and the bad English towed away his cab! Sniff!

Andy wrote: “hi Jochen! you gave me a ride this morning (new years day) at 12.20am from hove to shoreham. I was a total wreck as i was soo drunk to the point you even said ‘you didnt even hear what i just said did you’ and i replied ‘huh!?!’ Anyway 13 hours later ive sobered up and found your card so thought i would say hi, happy new year and thanks for picking me up!” Anytime, Andy! I guess it was you who told me that the party you’ve been to wasn’t so good for you since you had been mate poaching the girl of the host…? Or something like that? You old philanderer! Hope the other party was worth it! Jochen

“Fruitforums” commented on one of my videos: Nice video, 5 stars! I use to live in the flat above the somerfields at 0.43 seconds and at the crestway at 4.16. I’m now in dyke road, 10 mins walk from the last clip. small city :) very interesting video, Thanks. Thanks back, for the rating. I know, it’s just an improvised little something I wanted to put on my blog, but fortunately no one expects more from me now. But I’m working on it! Jochen

My (authorised) novels so far (in German language)

 Volume 1

 Volume 2

 volume 3

Band 4: Mit dem Taxi durch die Galaxis

 Volume 4

 Volume Zicking! (Means: Bitching)


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