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PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:30 am
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At least he makes Skuii look sane….
Justice for the 96. It has only taken 23 years.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:41 pm
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MR T wrote:
At least he makes Skuii look sane….

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

If you cannot be yourself…..then who can you be!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:54 pm
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Oh, why is that? Because I said your government and the Windsors are the true Nazis, backing up the gangsters of the City of London and, next to the American government, responsible for the holocaust on the poor, which costs 100 of millions of lives each year, which I can prove?

Because I said, they are imperialist war-mongers, which are about to drive us into WW3? That the holocaust on the Jews is, probably, for I cannot prove it, no more than a cheap cover-up for a simple raid for loot, to distract from the hideous war crimes Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin committed, that not Hitler was responsible for the war, but Churchill and the banksters, that not the Germans started the bombing on civilians, but the RAF? That you then turned into a genocide?

That the only true master-race on the planet for centuries now are the Anglo-American race (though it sort of shifted among them)? That it has rubbed off on the British people, that a lot of you are obnoxious and rude, bigoted and racist? That you know about all this evil that spreads from your government, the Windsors and the City of London into all of the world, but most of you do not care, because it is still British, right?

Or because I have said that cab-drivers only think about money? That your mind is poisoned with it? That you are stupid but clever, in a way that you always know where you can make a tenner, but don´t give a crap that 1% owns as much as 99% in the world? That all of this makes you somehow despicable, but hopefully still capable of repenting your sins?

Or because I have said that all of Brighton hates cab-drivers and that there is probably a reason for it. Or because I have said that English cab-drivers are the biggest racists in the world, which is someone has told me who should know? Or is is that you don´t like Germans who have self-consciousness, only the submissive type that puts Herman, the German on his avatar on forums and “yeah, have a laugh at me, for ve vere so bad, ve deserve it”? Well, not with me!!!!

So you are accusing my people to be responsible for the death of six millions (Jews)? I am accusing your people of nothing, but the unholy trinity of your government, the Windsors and the City of London, together one of the most unholy crime organisations world wide, to be responsible for the death of let´s say 600 hundred million people over the last centuries and I think it is much, much more. Ok?

Look I don´t need your support, I am either with the drivers against the banksters, the government and the council or I am against all of them and with all the many people that hate cab-drivers (or the English). I can always tell them I tried, I really tried, but in the end it turned out that they are not worth it.

It is better we have this out on the open for I could clearly see that I did not find any help here so far.

Well, it´s up to you. You can close this here and throw me out, than I take it somewhere else or you make an effort to come forward to me and see that this can also be a lot of publicity for the trade (and for the forum), if you are willing to see why it is you didn´t understand me so far and can be a little bit more understanding. But I doubt that you can, frankly from what I have seen so far.

Jochen Lembke, Europe´s cab-driving writer and author of the best Hitch-hiker´s-Guide-to-the-Galaxy-volume-six ever written. Or else money back (haha.) My blog in English language:

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Europe's cab-driving writer
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