The EU – nothing but a bankster´s scam to suck us dry

All idealists (like me) have been betrayed, there is no such thing as European spirit, it is only a cover up to sell it to good hearted fools (like me).

It was founded at one of the Bilderberger meetings and the sole purpose was to form a supranational structure that would make it easier to siphon away money from the European people.

That was also the reason for the Euro and the only reason for the Euro!

That was also the very reason they took countries like Greece into the Euro (Goldmann Sachs owned Greek politicians lied about the stability of Greece), with the only intention to get as much real assets from those endebted countries for worthless paper money the banksters print for themselves, in their crook central banking system, like the FED (Federal Reserve Bank of America) and all other central banks in the world, which are Rothschild owned. They are their private property, which gives them, together with international central banks, like the World Bank and the IWF and the Bank of Foreign Relations seated in Basel, Switzerland, total control over global currency.

So it was them who did the crash of 2008, like all crashs before (also ´29! Although they lied to get the FED that then there would be no more crash, the FED was made to PULL the crashs THROUGH) and they stole the money from small people taking their houses, making them homeless and then after they did the crash and got the assets they did another coup, they stole more billions, they held every government at gunpoint, saying if you don´t bail us out we let economy crash, then they took more billions no one will ever see.

When American officials ask where is the 1.5 billion dollar the FED got to stabilize economy, all they get is “we look into it and it takes time”, no one knows where the has gone to, but we can guess, it is well off to the Bahamas.

Now the ESM was like an European enabling act, depriving each and every country of their sovereign rights to be in the way of the banksters and the second one will be the TTIP.
When this is signed all the political power in Europe will go directly to US-corporations!

The newest coup of the ECB, Rothschild owned like all the central banks, is to print billions of counterfeit Euros which will go straight into the pockets of selected bankster owned trusts and therefore off to the Bahamas too, we also won´t ever see this money again.

Hidden are these high level criminal acts like always in enourmous treaties, no one takes the time to read carefully and under pseudo economic gibberish, also called plain lies. But no one dares to oppose these acts anyhow for all politicians are bought to do as the banksters tell them.

So, the EU is not a happy family, for there is not much friendship to see and even less happiness – it is a criminal organisation.

So suck on this, why don´t you 😉


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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