London cabbie talking New World Order

You can a lot to change the world by just being a cabbie!

Now, I am not so sure about chemtrails but there is also HAARP and I have done this pic like 2 weeks ago in Freiburg, Germany, which looks really weird. Well, according to Jörg Kachelmann, our famous weather man and media subject number one (and also a hater of chemtrail conspiracy theory), with whom I am frieds on Facebook told me that this is just ordinary “Föhn” or sirrocan wind or whatever you call it in English language, warm fall winds in front of the Alps, but I am not sure, it really looks like eletromagnetic waves and that is exactly what Haarp is about.


Weird, ha?

Anyway, chemtrails and haarp or not – we´ve got to wake up! That 9/11 was an inside job is solid truth and therefor we can´t trust American government one word! Whatever people accuse them of we have to look on it as possible fact!



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