For HCO, March 2015

Hi, there, again.

Well, I wanted to wait a little longer and be even more on the spot with my road-knowledge and write an even more elaborate post, but as we can all see the police-cars burning in Frankfurt, I don´t want to waste any more time.

Now, I am sure many of you already know what really happened on 11.9.2001, in case you don´t, please see this marvellous video here! (It is also on the net in three parts)

It is worth every second of it, I watched it three times and when I saw it the first time I watched all five hours of it without any break, although English is not my native language.

Yet, I myself did not know, until half a year ago, that 9/11 was an inside job, carried out by Bush and Cheney themselves and that the official story of Ali Baba and the 20 air-plane thieves was nothing but a conspiracy theorie, a rather crude one, actually, fabricated by them – but when I finally knew this I wanted to know the truth about everything and dug myself into tons of info in the net.

Well, I always knew that we are being exploited and manipulated by those who are on top of the capitalist pramid, but I had no idea of the true dimensions of the mess we are in. That the world we know is nothing but a matrix of make-believe and that we are controlled and manipulated in an Orwellian scale, by the financial mafia, that had already ruled and exploited this planet for centuries already. That they have commited horrendous crimes and are the sole responsible for every single war in the last centuries, that those vultures and hyenas are now also responsible for the starvation of hundred of millions a year globally, that some say this only the tip of the iceberg we can see, that depopulation is even systematically applied. That they bought and controlled every government in the entire western world and all of its media and are going straight for world dominion and wouldn´t even stop at WW3, now that Russia (and China) have left the dollar, and go for their own international currency and stopped the exploitation of Russia by US-corporations.

So, for all governments are bought, all councils are enslaved by them, consequently, not to primarily serve the public, but to carry out the will of the financial elite – and that is to make us obey, to make sure that we stay slaves and that there will be no uprise of us slaves and that is why they are so strict about not making any exception, even is is clear to see that an exception would not only be just, but not doing it would cause a lot of unnecessary hardship for this someone, in this case me – it is necessary to prevent revolutions.

So, to say “rules are there to be followed” and “rules apply to everyone” – is nothing but a grotesque lie, considering what is really going on in this world, that there is small criminal elite running this planet and making those rules that others have to follow. They themselves are above the law yet, they are untouchable and you can´t get to them. (As long as you are small, they declare you as a conspiracy nut that no one listens to, well, the corporate media does this for them, and only when you get bigger, they kill you. And still only a few because it is enough, because people know what all these mysterious deaths, all these coincidental car crashes etc. mean and fear prevents them to go any further.)

And, so I say, in regard of what is going on, this crime on humanity, the entire planet, of unspeakable dimensions, we all are obliged to help stopping this, to disobey whenever it is possible until this system has crashed and there will be justice for everybody, because they can stop a few but they can´t stop us, when we all rise.

So I am not just doing this for myself, I want to point out again, because doing what I have been doing, and still doing, is much, much more effort and hardship than to just obey and do that damn licence another time.

I also want to point out again that this is no attempt at a small, cheap triumph of a stubborn person, over poor and overworked HCO, but a political protest and that I almost hope they do me the favour of not giving in to soon, so that this can set an example for civil resistance for anybody else, as I have followed such examples of much greater men than I am.

I also want to point out again, that HCO is not refusing me the licence to uphold standards for a better service to the public, for we all know that they could do a much better job. As you can see here, by these various complaints of this poor woman, that were never heard:

How can it be that Brighton drivers earn so little and still are hated so much? That people like that woman say that drivers don´t follow council rules and even are Brightons “sacred cows”?

Well then, or is it just a case of plain rascism, the good ol´ divide-et-impera-strategie of playing local drivers against foreigers? For this woman says the council gives the drivers too much slack, how can this be when they on the other hand do everything to refuse me just one little favour that would cost them nothing, yet would save me endless trouble? When our Sussex says that he wouldn´t have such trouble with the council? Was it my fault that I wasn´t nice enough from the being?

Or is it even an anti-Germanism? Well, in that case let me tell you I have just had enough with Anglo-American imperialism and that I then myself like two play two sides against themselves, for America (after Wall Street had the two world wars prepared and used Hitler as a puppet) just sat and waited until Britain had bled out sufficiently enough so that they can easily just finish the job and grab the booty. With WW1 they were level with the British Empire, they could just take it out of the hands of the British after WW2, under the old rat and war-monger Churchill. When poor Gandhi thought he had freed India from British slavery it was just that the new bosses couldn´t stand any British snobs hindering them from coming in with their corporations, for the big bucks, Indian slaves then just switched masters and whereas the profits stayed in one hand (because Wall – and Fleet Street were always two sides of the same story), the British Empire was history.

So, fine friends you have with the yanks (dragging us all into WW3, also.) (Not that I couldn´t get chummy with them myself I have a lot of relatives in the US and can speak a decent Bostonian AE, proof on file 😉 ) see me, ze German, normally using Sussex accent, doing the Armageddon president speech in perfect AE.

Anyway, whatever case it might be, after a break of three months, where I had let it all settle for a while, I have then got back to intensive knowledge-work and I think I will be ready finally to display my ability to draw the whole town-map out of my head, without any use of an actual map, true to scale and accurate in detail, with all the roads, even the smallest closes and tiniest mews (yet so far no block of flats which have an extra name) saying out aloud the name of each road as I draw them – or drawing a small scetch of the area at any road given to me.

I will be ready for this displayment at any time and where ever possible, at HCO, at the council, in the streets in front of spectators or in TV. (I might add I am back with my guitar and vocal skills and a song about that is already half finished, adds a little spice to it, street-performance-wise.)

I hope you don´t all see me too full of myself, but the point in me doing this, support me and get some inspiration for your little privat disobedience thingy!

Regards, Jochen


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