As a true European…

… I congratulate Britain to the Ukip.

For this party points out clearly where lies the deficits of European and global unification. It is not too fast, but it is in complete neglect of what ordinary, plain people ask for, it is all about the needs of global players and European corporations. Take in consideration what the people really want and the Ukip does not have any purpose to exist anymore and will soon pass into oblivion, for then their job is done.

As for Brighton HCO – see to that foreign drivers have excellent standards in English language and road knowledge and that they care for their job and their city. Then make sure that regulations are clear and just and avoid dodgy ones as the one about the driving licence, that it has to be UK-one for cab-licence renewal, for this will only keep all the foreign drivers away from returning home because they feel unwanted, for they, well,  just do no really fit in, at least some of them. Then we can happily see cab-business prosper again and anti-foreigner resentments diminish.

Thanks for reading this here and maybe even thinking about it every now and then.


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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