on TDO

Britain’s richest people are wealthier than ever before, with a combined fortune of almost £520bn, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-27459621
Well, am I glad that my British colleagues have done so well, for cab-business is a bit slower in Germany these days and unknown German writers… well, no need to elaborate this any further, so I am ashamed for not being as clever and smart as the people on the Rich List – I am still on my debts of 30.000 Euros.
Well, then it´s sure good anyway to have a government that does so nicely look out for one´s interests, isn´t it, even when you are just a resident from a foreign Country!
Why, they said I can live on JSA while going through the whole process of getting a new licence, didn´t they! Oh, I think this is so nice of the HCO!
So, I´ll just jump to that and in no time it´s me, who´ll be the richest man in the UK!
Happy, happy, happy! :mrgreen:

As for me, dear Reader, of my blog I am headed für Colmar this summer, I really hope that this time I am able to make it. More on my German blog.


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Europe's cab-driving writer
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