for TDO

A hotel manager from Tenerife told me that tourists from other countries generally go about things a bit more elegantly. For instance, if they want to upgrade to a better room, the Italians will compliment the hotel staff and smile, while the Swiss often cite health problems as a reason for needing an upgrade. Germans, on the other hand, don’t beat around the bush and simply say, ‘If you don’t change this, I’m going to sue you.’

Dumb German! Let´s do it the slick and smooth Italian way!
Let´s make them an offer they can´t refuse! 

Alright-e, B&H, you´re citta, you´re city is-e so bella, alright-e? So why don t you make me wet-e my beak a little? I´m-e only asking- e for a small favour-e don´t I? So, you´re not-e taking away my livelyhood-e? For this-e would only make me roam the streets and have-e dumb ideas, right-e?
Ah si! Now you molto capici, que belissima!

So, don´t make me go call for help from my friends, the European Federal Party, which I have become a member of, for this is exactly the thing they are looking for!

translated by me into German:


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