Thank you, Marcus O´Dair

… for your article in your book about me!


I am much obliged for what you have written, as quoted below:



It is not the usual, wtf does this usurper thinks he is doing, the guy´s so full of himself he has completely lost his appetite! Instead it´s more like, yes, he obviously is full of himself, but there might be a point in that, I mean, how else does an unknown author get known?

So all there is left for me to add is, being labeled as a “cab-driver”, I must say that I don´t drive a cab anymore, only a few hours every now and then, instead I continue writing my arse off, so to label me correctly I´d prefer “an unknown author from Germany”, just as I had written at the the time this book was laid in print already six books and translated five.

And if you can´t completely abstain from labeling me a cab-driver (see, that is the point, once a cab-driver, always a cab-driver and aren´t they obnoxious and rude all the time, oh, we know that, don´t we, always deprived of something and underprivileged, fighting to get back what life had hold back from them, oh, don´t we know), then please do it properly and mention that I hold an unofficial but without much doubt all the while still valid world-record in that I have worked as a licensed cab-driver in three different European countries and am currently spending as much time as an English student in drinking on practicing French, in order to add another country to it, France namely, sometime soon.

But other then that, thank you again, I will try to live up to it, watch this space. (Only my web-address has changed, see below.)


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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