What I´ve just written to a Polish guy…

So, do you blame me for the war? You think I have gained and profited by it? Has it ever occurred to you that most Germans have also suffered by it without being responsible? Do you think my father, when they sent him to Russia, when he was 18, was a Nazi? That he deserved being kept prisoner in a camp until they though he was going to die anyway and only then put him on a transport back home? That my family was treated like immigrants in their own country, although they had worked all their lives, just because the home and possessions that used be theirs are now on Polish territory? Do I have to tread the small and narrow for the rest of my life (although I had a shit childhood, for my father let it out on me), just because I am German? Is that what you think in your country? And did you ever think about the British, that had been so bravely on Polish side, that they had their share of guilt too, for making half the world their empire hundred years before can hardly be called a measure upon world peace! They only reaped what they sow, innocent people paying the debts of their ancestors, too. This will never stop until people stop to think.


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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