O tempora, o nsa… pardon, mores!

Another public letter to Brighton & Hove Hackney Carriage Office

Dear sir, dear madam

In the light of those new displays of abuse of power I just allow myself to reinforce my point of view, it just seems to me that to abide rules only goes for small people, whereas those above just do whatever they please. They just laugh at us, their only concern is that small people stay small and do not rebel, they have to be kept busy with their small jobs and amused with cheap entertainment, so they don´t have the time to question authority – keep them in control, don´t give them an inch or they will start a rebellion.

So this is why we have to abide rules, whether they make sense or they are stupid and this is why nobody even thinks about making rules that fit people and not just authorities.

And this exactly is why I want this changed, this is why I am so persistent and myself don´t give an inch, this is why this is for me so much more than just a question of renewing my licence, I want the government to be there for small people and not the other way round, I want rules that fit small people, not only banks and corporations.

And this is why I keep fighting and make everybody else rebellious, unless you give me back my licence, because this is exactly “when we do this then everybody comes and want things have done their way”, what the head officer had said, back then. I want that the driver and their rights comes first, not rules that are only made to keep small people down and submissive.

Now, there´s an email-address for the American NSA, but none for the British Tempora, so I can´t send this to them directly as I otherwise would have done and have to rely that this reaches them anyway (which it surely does, oh, doesn´t it) and I want to spell it out for them I am a rebellious person and I will keep fighting for my rights and thus making everybody else rebellious, so why don t you single me out for direct and lethal drone attack, I have been a cab-driver in three countries and a writer and this brought me nothing else than debts, for this is the neo-liberal world we live in, and what´s more the HCO wants me to do the licence all over again, – so at least this would make my books interesting enough so that I can pay my debts back when I´m dead, so what´s why I´m in it for, thank you.

Regards, Jochen Lembke


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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