Hi guys, obviously everybody nagging me here for writing about somebody else´s ideas is, like I said, just a bunch of schmucks, because nowadays there is no room for new things anymore, as we can again see in the new adaption of the old Star Trek (…into darkness). So, a DA Continuum should continue, not continue nagging those who continue!

Anyway, guess what, there was an article on Spiegel Online yesterday on the number Pi as being like a huge cloud of numbers that possibly encodes all literature on Earth – what made me mention on the forum there that this seems to me similar like my idea I used for “42 is the question…” (my sequel), that everything in the whole universe is laid out in equations and is predestined.

And you know what, from 317 comments on the article yesterday mine was *distant drumming, growing louder, coming to a halt*, yes! Right! It was the 42nd !!!! No, I doubt they put it there on purpose it was just another “meaningless coincidence”, which makes me claim my special bond to that very subject of this forum, so there you go!

Unfortunately my connectedness with Douglas does not necessarily need to express itself in becoming rich and famous as a talented and well liked author, it could also just plainly and sadly, erm, mean early death.

For – unfortunately the thicket of my personal problems has become so thick and intangible, as the complex of bribing in international sport and as impenetrable as offshore tax evasion, is has become so complex, it has developed it´s own ecosystem, with prey and predator and ecological problems, yes, the ecosystem of my own miserable personal problems itself feels quite miserable, not only the prey has the problem it is sometimes being killed and eaten by those higher up the food chain, the predators too feel miserable, even after a lucky catch – I just can´t have it anymore.

So, although Eion Colfer sent me money, of course (he said just don´t ´tell anyone and I can´t give you more than 1 percent of my possessions in bonds and assets) but I spent the 10 million Euro in just one night on cheap champagne yet really expensive girls (so what the heck, sue me alright, mate).

He said he has being told by someone who should know (a priest to whom he confessed) that he himself indeed is truly responsible for Ireland´s economical crisis (and huge parts of the whole Euro-crisis) as a punishment from God for his book, so to take some weight of his shoulders he was more than willing to pay for my journey, yet like I said the money is gone and also my spirit for that trip, so I will instead just settle for a hunger strike if my demands are not met with that pretty little woman-problem, no problem-woman of mine, I happened to have mentioned every now and then in basically every sentence I´ve have written here (and elsewhere). For I blame it on my incrimination and being slandered that I didn´t get enough support so far. 

Er, when I´m dead, will I have a JLC here?


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Europe's cab-driving writer
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