North Korea more and more appears to me like a mutt got lost on the highway and is now desperately trying to get run over by a truck. He runs parallel to the dual tires and yelps, truck-pilot Obama carefully tries to steer clear of it, but already in the rear a charge of Republicans is slipping dangerously.

Or: The massive nuclear first strike of North Korea completely destroyed a colony of breeding and extremely rare cormorants on Guam. A local bird warden was so in shock his mobile phone felt down, when he tried to call for help, and by a cosmic coincidence it then produced a text, then was sent on a hacker frequency, which turned all 10,000 nuclear warheads of America accidentally to North Korea, as well as it gave the start signal, where after the country got completely zilched out and unfortunately the whole planet too with it.


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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