Countdown to Colmar!

Hi, everybody!
How my campaign is going?

Well, I have decided that to keep on going with my plans as intended is not only best for me, but also for this campaign. The more I actually progress with more countries, the more attention I will get with this one here, which is what I need anyway, to make a difference.

So, about that I am well in my schedule for Colmar, France, I have spent a lot of time training my French and Colmar-road-knowledge. In terms of requirements I had already made sure that I can dispense with 2 of the 4 steps to the licence required, by being in possession of a valid EU-cab-licence and a note by a former employer, proving two years working-practise, at least.

This week I had acquired a “certificat médicale” (medical exam) by just making an appointment and hopping over the border on my bike the same day. I don´t even have to have a French address, I just used my German one, for this is Europe, my friends!
Next is a certificate in first aid and then the application at the office.

So, I will keep you posted with my Countdown to Colmar!


About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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