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There has been two news in the Spiegel online yesterday, one about a new Audi, basically only built to annoy people with green and social conscience and the other one was that a German community has bought a bus engine from China, that runs entirely on battery. Ergo, my country builds cars for rich people in China, China does green technology for poor people in Germany.

I mean by that, I don´t want any nationalist thinking, I want us to benefit from the European and global brain pool! There has been electrified trolley buses in Switzerland for many decades, yet Brighton & Hove City Council runs the dirtiest and noisiest buses I´ve ever had the annoyance to be stuck behind!

North Street in Brighton, the city with the oldest tram in the world, is one the most polluted areas world-wide. I have seen people wearing masks or holding handkerchiefs to cover their noses, when waiting for a bus, people were telling me they would love to cycle, only they can´t, because they developed a constant cough from cycling behind buses.

Why I put this here and not on my blog?
Well, I do, but my blog reads no one, except, when they can look for more scandalous things to find there.

Brighton & Hove City Council, as inefficient, stupid and stubborn as people deserve it, that have voted for it!


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