We are now at the next stage, which is the complaints section of Brighton and Hove City Council

There is my reply to that:
Thank you very much for answering and pointing out to me whom I could contact next to bring this matter further.
Yet, see, the point you are underlining very firmly is that you would “treat everybody equally”.
But that is exactly what you are not doing, you are not treating me like everybody else, you are actually discriminating me!
You are discriminating foreign drivers, who do not want to stay in the UK, nor want to return for good, yet want to be in the UK on and off.
I did not let my license expire because I was sloppy or careless or not interested in the job anymore, I simply was not able to renew it because I did not hold a UK-driving license at that point in time! And although it was agony for me to let the cab-license expire I was forced to! And as much as I love coming back to the Brighton and the UK now, I am not planning on staying there forever, there are other countries that interest me as well.
Therefor I would like you to reconsider and that will exactly be what I will tell the Ombudsman too, I know that this happens very rarely, because normally people would either stay in the UK or go back for good, when they have earned enough money, but there has to be a general rule for people like me and if there is not it mustn´t be to my disadvantage!
I have been very generous and offered you an alternative, which is the outstanding cab-knowledge, but I don´t really see this as an obligation, because I actually see HCO in the position to make it up to me, for the regulations are obviously not fitting in a case like mine.
So Mrs. … can explain to me on as many occasions as she likes that the license cannot be renewed, I am not stupid and it´s not a language problem either, for I think my grasp of the English language, especially in writing is better than most other foreigner cab-drivers, the real problem lies in the fact that a) a UK-driving license is required for renewal, b) a UK-driving license requires a current UK-address c) the practice of annual renewal itself. 

So there´s got to be an exception for people like me for otherwise it is clearly a discrimination!

Yours sincerely, Jochen Lembke

About Jochen Lembke

Europe's cab-driving writer
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