On the DSA-test (as posted on TDO)

May I point out again, that the the DSA-test in it´s present form is total bollocks and you know that. It is not worth a thing.
It´s money, time and effort completely wasted!

It should ensure the ability of a cab-driver to drive professionally, yet all that it really ensures is the ability of a professional driver [b]to be able to focus on driving like back in driving school for just half an hour. [/b]When I finally passed the test I drove home like a mad-man just to spite them!

What it actually should be is to show proof of the ability to drive safely, but also efficiently, when being under stress, that is talk with passengers or with dispatch or looking out for the way or sat-nav (when out of town f.ex.) or driving and looking out for house-numbers at the same time, which requires an expertise this stupid test cannot not show any proof of.

These abilities namely are vital for any cab-driver!
Anyone without these should not drive professionally, should be off the road and leave this job to a pro!

But the test does not test any of these, all it ensures you jerk your head back, making your vertebrae discs splinter, to show that you are checking your blind spot or driving extra slow to show that you are a considerate driver, or that you are able to move your steering wheel in an inefficient and clumsy way, all of which you just give up on the very minute you got the tester out of your car, thank you and bye!

Never ever matches that test the day-to-day situation of a cab-driver, who is always in a rush!

Moreover (at least in Brighton) I´ve heard that an average of two times failing the test is normal and it appears to me that they just let you fail an average of two times and for that they do will find something, there is no witness in the car, nothing is taped on video, if they want you to fail you fail!

[b]While all the while all there is needed to show proof of expert driving that you are actually able to pass the road test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]

There you have the regular situation of a cab-driver, stress, someone with you who puts you under stress, looking for the way, not really able to focus only on driving but on all sorts of things!

When I took the test in Babylon & Hove it went for two and a half hours straight, I was physically and mentally exhausted. The testers do not look for your driving skills, for that does the DSA-test, but if you pass a red light or drive way to fast or way to slow so that they get the impression you actually can´t drive under stress you are out.
When you take the road test in France it is actually in a car fitted with double controls!

So, why not make this mandatory, put the road test and the driving test together in one go and save a lot of money and hassle!

Anyway, best example for that the DSA-test can only standardise bollocks is this, take a guy like me, experienced cab-driver, who just happens to have to take this test again. Or take an English guy, same situation, didn´t renew his license, yet was a driver for 20 years, has a damn hard time passing that test, right? Right? Damn right!

Then take a guy or, for arguments sake a girl, (for this does even fit better, for girls always drive more to the book anyway), kind of young (no, the looks don´t matter), has held the driving license for three years now, only drives her boyfriends car on the weekends, mileage in all her life 5000, max. But now she decides to go for a cab-license, okay.

She still drives like in driving school and so passes the DSA like nothing.
Yet, first week as a cab-driver she totals the car. Why?
Because she can´t drive professionally, that´s why.

(Now, this is my last post from the continent, it just takes too darn long to log in. (This is probably on purpose to shut me off, ey?)) :badgrin:


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