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As you can see, this blog has gotten some nice polish again. All missing pics have been replaced, all posts have been edited and all the links to the respective posts are listed properly on the widget field to the right. The only thing is I will not update regularly here anymore, this will all take place on my German site: jochenlembke.wordpress.com/ I will post here only when I find something of interest in English language.


Merry Christmas to everyone and don´t get stressed! (You know I have just read that mortality peaks over the holiday season) as if we all wouldn´t know!) This blog will get a new polish until 1. Jan!!!!

I have given this English site a lot of thought. Clearly all my regulars have long gone now and clearly too I can´t really afford keeping two blogs at a time updated regularly. So, the best option is to just keep just the one updated, which is in the language of the country I´m currently in, which is German right now and use the others as an archive, which would also mean to give up on the idea of having one international main blog, in English. Well, that´s for the moment I might change my mind again. But right now it seems I will not change to write in English soon, it´s more likely it´s French, which is the next language. Anyway, I am currently editing my German blog and in about ten days I will do the same about this blog here, re-uploading all the missing pics, which are missing because I have hosted them in MySpace and they have changed their URL´s, which is a pain. Thanks for dropping by here.

$7.7 Trillion to Wall Street – Anything to Keep the Banksters Happy! Saturday 3 December 2011 by: Thom Hartmann, Truthout | News Analysis The new One Bank of America Center in Charlotte, N.C., April 11, 2011. (Photo: Chris Keane / The New York Times) Do you know who Elizabeth Duke is? How about Donald Kohn or Kevin Warsh? No? Well – you should. Because while Congress was debating back in 2008 whether or not to bailout banksters with a $700 billion blank check – these guys and girls were just doing it. They were funneling $7.7 trillion to Wall Street under the table – without one constituent phone call – without worrying about one election – without having to give one explanation. They were able to do that because they’re members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors – a group of people who are not voted into office, but have the power to completely dictate monetary policy in America. They are not politicians – they’re technocrats – they’re bankers and financial experts. Technocrats aren’t interested in democracy – it takes too long, and often the interests of the majority of voters don’t quite line up with the interests of the minority of bankers and foreign investors. Or – to put it in today’s terms – the interests of the 99 percent rarely line up with the interests of the 1 percent. That’s why – back in 2008 – the technocrats at the Fed weren’t interested in waiting for Congress – with all of its open debate and constituent services – to bail out the banks – they just went ahead and did it themselves. According to documents obtained by Bloomberg News – in 2009 – the Fed dished out $7.7 trillion in no-strings-attached, super-low interest loans to Wall Street’s biggest players. That’s $7.7 trillion! That’s more than half of the total value of EVERYTHING – every single thing produced in America – that same year. $7.7 TRILLION out the door – with no one bothering to inform the electorate about it until now. And since they were super-low interest loans – banks made enormous profits off of them. Six of the nation’s biggest banks – like Morgan Stanley and Bank of America – pocketed a not-too-shabby $13 billion in undisclosed profits, thanks to the deal with the technocrats at the Fed. So today – thanks to a decision made by technocrats, and not politicians – the too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger, and Wall Street has raked in more profits in just the last 30 months then they did in the entire eight years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. I guess the economic crisis that brought banksters to the ledge ended up being pretty lucrative for them in the long run. But the bigger picture is this: can our democracy survive future financial crises? As the world descends into financial turmoil on fears that the Euro zone may collapse, it’s the technocrats who are taking power – replacing elected officials. The clearest example of this is what happened in Greece a few weeks ago. In order to preserve the euro – keep financial markets steady and ensure that foreign investors get what’s theirs – the technocrats at the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank demanded that Greece take a bailout. Knowing that a bailout would mean more layoffs – higher taxes and less benefits for the Greek people – Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou wanted to hold a national referendum on whether or not to take the bailout, just like Iceland had done a year earlier. He wanted the people – through democracy – to determine their own fate. But that never happened. Just floating the idea cost Papandreou his job – he was forced out of office and replaced by a technocrat, Lucas Papademos, who just so happened to be the former vice president of the European Central Bank. Probably because when the Icelandic people were asked in a national referendum if they should take austerity cuts to bail out their banksters, they said, overwhelmingly, “No, let the banks fail.” But with a technocrat in charge, there will be no vote – a bailout will be shoved down the throat of the Greek people, and so, too, will painful austerity – anything to keep the banksters happy. New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat laid out this new reality of technocrat control in a recent article in which he wrote, “For the inhabitants of Italy and Greece, who have just watched democratically elected governments toppled by pressure from financiers, European Union bureaucrats, and foreign heads of state, it evokes the cold reality of 21st-century politics. Democracy may be nice in theory, but in a time of crisis it’s the technocrats who really get to call the shots. National sovereignty is a pretty concept, but the survival of the European common currency comes first.” All signs indicate that we’ll be confronted with this problem once again in America – as another financial crisis, be it caused by Europe or some other bubble like student debt or housing, seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. And when it hits the fan – and the American people tell Congress no way in hell will they sign off on another bailout of Wall Street – then the technocrats at the Fed will takeover and our democracy will be irrelevant – just like it was in 2008 and 2009. That’s why we, the people, need to take back control of the Fed, and why the people of Europe need to take back control of their central banks and global financial institutions. Only when the Federal Reserve becomes an instrument of the people to calm the mood swings of the market – and not a piggy bank for transnational banking corporations – can we really protect ourselves from a technocratic takeover in the future. And the way to do it is pretty straightforward – it was Alexander Hamilton’s idea back in the George Washington administration. Have the central bank owned by the US government and run by the Treasury Department, so all the profits from banking go directly into the Treasury and you and I pay less in taxes while the banksters on Wall Street can find a job at Wal-Mart. The good people of North Dakota did just this, back in 1919, established something very much like this – the Bank of North Dakota – and it’s kept the state in the black, and kept its farmers, manufacturers and students protected from the predations of New York banksters for nearly a century. It’s time for every state to charter their own state bank, just like North Dakota did, and for the Treasury Department to either buy the Fed from the for-profit banks that own it, or simply nationalize it. Only when we get control of our money out of the hands of sociopathic banksters will our democracy begin to function for the people instead of just for the banksters.

Still no time for nothing! So, in the mean-time a pic of my room here, it´s just in front of the sea! After two weeks of lame winds from the south or east, it´s now salty air again!

Datei:Karte Insel Norderney.png

A map of Norderney

Began my cure at North Sea two days ago. All´s well. Just been sent away at inhalation because someone collapsed. Hysteria everywhere. People have to learn to relax!

http://act.rootsaction.org/p/salsa/web/tellafriend/public/?tell_a_friend_KEY=8319 Support! I think Occupy Wallstreet is a great thing and deserves our support. I have sent my facebook friend and peace activist David Swanson this message about it: Dear David, Facebook has swallowed your comment on mine, I didn´t get any message about that and also I can´t find that comment anymore. So I think the right moment to get some support has passed anyway. Yet neo-liberalismn ends sooner or later, will this action, occupy wall street, has an impact or not. Me personally, I am very much absorbed into a very personal form of violence against me, which is that I am wrongly accused of stalking a girl, where all I want now for years is to have a quiet moment with her to sort out all of our trouble in a decent non-violent way. Injustice is one of the most severe causes for violence and what is happening here right now with our law in the western word is very alarming and I am very much inclined to do a Mohandas K. Gandhi on them and to act in civil resistance and hunger-strike on that, yet admittedly the risks I take there are very small, I think I will succeed soon. Yet I am very busy about it, the book I have written about it needs to be edited one more last time, the fifth time now! David, I think you are doing a great job and you can count on my support any time, the only thing as you know we disagree on is Libya, I don´t think peace and civil resistance would work against dictators like Hitler, the resisters would only get killed without having an effect, so we still need armed forces, yet they need to be controlled by a global institution, not by rednecks. All the best, Jochen


I will bribe, beg, flatter, reason with, or genuinely threat B&H HCO, but I will not play by their rules!

Yet, look at these beauties, who would not want one of them? Just look at them! (The one on top was mine!)


Back in Germany, still no time at all to do any work on this site, yet, the resonance is still not worth to invest a lot of time, is it? I will keep on working towards France, but my little bitch might get me in prison soon, for I will do civil resistance and not pay one single cent of the fine!

For more information on my struggle with B&H HCO see TDO, the English cab-forum http://taxi-driver.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=17526&sid=00e4cbed335b0b9befda3ed8747cff18


Today I was at the DVLA office in Brighton asking them, like HCO told me to ask, about a possible double driving licence for me, which they have declined yet, as it was only to be expected. Yet it wouldn’t be necessary anyway, for I would be allowed to drive with a German (European) licence for six months before exchanging. So HCO is left holding the baby again. Only B&H HCO between me and coming back to UK!


I saw a brand-new Mercedes-Taxi today in Brighton! (Crisis, what crisis?)

Today I was on a nice trip to Worthing, where I had live for almost half a year (just at the time when all that timber from the wrecked ship had washed upon the shore). I mean, they don’t have anybody living there between 20 and 60 (they are all living in Brighton) so there’s much more space there than in Brighton anyway, but Brighton to me is like trying to squeeze all of greater London into one small sardine box. Look at the nice pedestrian zone in Worthing full of happy people and imagine this would be the same in the Western Road/Churchill Square/North Street area in Brighton, which is normally busier than Oxford Street in London. Yet all the buses going from one end of town to another also squeeze through here!
Run a tram along the sea-front and ban the traffic along the axis where all the shops are! Yeah, I know, us Germans, always want to take control!


Well, Brighton hasn’t changed a bit, except they must have sent all the bloody road-works over to Zurich, along with me.
The same smelly and noisy buses, the same vague proposal of filters and noise reduction that will never come, the same trouble at the station rank, the same traffic mess and pollution, lack of anything green, endless stony rows of houses reflecting noise, the same dreadful drawing of vowels and high-pitched sing-sang of nice old ladies, same tendency of the lads to get drunk and aggressive just as soon as work is over.
And the same look of the Brighton cabs, dominating the streets of Brighton & Hove as ever, white, with their aquamarine bonnet and back-lid, the prettiest cabs in the world, they look like sparkling jewels to me, King of the roads their drivers.
(Only there is one heck of WAV’s on the road now.)
And once the Diesel dust has settled you smell the loveliest breeze coming from the sea.
Brighton, I hate you. Brighton, I love you.


Who wants to meet me in Brighton, dudes? I’ ll be here till the 27th checking out about my hate-love for this town! Will I come back?

Tomorrow I’ll pop in at the HCO for a chat, tell you more later.


Brighton, await my coming! (And roll out the bloody red carpet for me, will you!) I have booked a flight for the 21st and will have a look at the scene! (At the crime scene, as it is, dear Babylon & Hove) If all is to my liking I may stay, I say. (If is not to my liking I may as well, desperate as I am.) But we´ll see.

Can you imagine? I have booked the cheapest flight as possible at Easy Jet, picked the cheapest date for departure, the cheapest for return (yes, it´s still a return) 2 weeks in advance as not to be charged with credit card charges, booked it myself so to save booking fee at the travel office, no luggage – and came out with an polar-ice-cap-melting-price of 85 Euros for back and forth! Doesn´t that take the polar bear, I mean, the biscuit?

I´m getting a lot of views lately here – perhaps I should take this as an encouraging sign that I´m almost ready for an encore at Brighton. It´s still not a 100% but it´s quite likely. Almost sure is yet I will come for a few days soon to check if I´m really ready for it and if yes, will do some applications in order to renew the licence. Of course this will mean I will switch back to writing here exclusively instead of on my German site as before. So stay tuned!

Still time for nothing, yet here are some new (black-forest) pics, comments soon.

I´ve sent this message to David Swanson, a Facebook friend and peace-activist, about Sirte: They support the regime, because they are part of it, they have all profited from the dictator, now they fear to have to go down with him. See, we all know there is only two ways with dictators, one is to suffer from him personally (or if lucky just watch people suffer from him) and the other is to fight him – appeasement doesn´t work with these guys! I am German, my father was drafted when he was 18, sent to Russia with the option to shoot or to get shot as a deserter, I know something about this! So when you fight you can do this by non-violent non-cooperation, which includes martyrdom, or with force. So, David, either you gather your non-violent ready-for-martyrdom-peace-corps, go to Sirte and talk with those people or you stop complaining about Nato, in this special case! Or at least do this a little bit more distinctive way!


From DAC, my post: I have accepted I will not be authorised with my sixth-volume-version. What? Mr. Crazypants, the rogue fan-ficer accepts? What´s to become of our world, if this guy accepts and just shuts his wug and becomes a peaceful member of the community, how do we live on if our believes are shattered, you think. We thought it´s not the size of the dog in the fight, it´s the size of the fight in the dog, didn´t we? Quite rightly you do. So, of course, I have to alter a bit what I´ve said. I have accepted I will not be authorised with my sixth-volume-version for now. Mr. Victors no is final, I have been told and I accepted, I mean, I have attacked the man frankly enough. For which I don´t apologise, by the way, for I think he deserves it. Big publishers, big literature agents are structures, which are not democratic or transparent at all, to avoid a word I have used before. I consider myself as an indie-writer and the future to belong to those. When you look at the possibilities f.ex. Amazon offers – big publishing houses and their marketing structures are a thing of the past. They become Dinosaurs, too big to not fail. A book there takes a year to be on the market and look at all the busy little authors scurrying below their feet, self-publishing their book – as an ebook it´s available within just a couple of days! Oh, and how fast our time is…! For what I apologise, and again, it doesn´t matter, is that I went too far in my anger, without really meaning it (for I thought it wouldn´t reach anyone anyway) and was unjust towards people who cannot be claimed at all responsible for weaknesses of the literature-business. Moreover I certainly can´t blame them for their lack of interest in the works of The Great Jochen Lembke, certainly not. Now, when you look at Big Vics biography, for example on Wiki, three things are quite impressive – how powerful he is, that he´s been born in the Bronx, NYC (that means he certainly knows how to fight) and, third, how old he is. A no of a man born in 1939 doesn´t really bother me, I can wait until he retires and there´ll be someone else. Yet, until that day, to become authorised is not the most important thing for me anymore, for I can write a book itself about the story of my manuscript “42” and important men in literature business and I will, by the way! So, of course I will do the parody “24…!”, yet at the same time “42” still lingers there somehow meaningful, like the three dots before the exclamation mark!

I’m going to build an igloo in my front yard this coming winter. Who’d like to help?

I´ll come and help. For insulation we can use that huge pile of my left-over books no one wants to buy. Then, I offer, we can snuggle a bit in it, for I am a lonely man. No success, you know. In case you wonder about the ungodly hour of this post, I was up because of a mouse in my room, for years now I have to live in scruffy places.

No, seriously, guys, it does you good to see the other side. I admit another time I was being a tit, taunting you guys for worshiping and being fans rather than do your own stuff and see, now I admit I am a fan every once in a while and do a bit of worshiping myself and without any harm to me.

Yet, for every successful writer you worship there are hundreds cursing the day they started writing. I mean I had other choices and if I could go back 10 years I would have rather finished my med-studies. I´d very likely would have ended up writing still, yet, a medical doctor can sell much better than a cabbie, whatever he writes and he´s backed up.


There is a fair chance things will get moving in the whole matter about my unauthorised sequel. Well, if not, there is a rather nasty and naughty, if not raunchy even, parody waiting to be released onto the fans, which might some give a heart-attack!

For this is what my version will become if I actually have to alter it in order to be able to publish it legally. But, we´ll see. I don´t want to talk more about it at this point, but whatever “movement” there might be in this case, it might have come much earlier, if it wouldn´t have been for my stupidity sometimes and my unreachable ability to spat in the faces of the people I depend on. Oh my!

20.8.11: Will not! So it will be a parody! See at: http://www.douglasadams.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=17124


The fourth chapter of my unauthorised seventh volume of the Hitch-Hiker´s Guide to the Galaxy, copyright Jochen Lembke after motifs of Douglas Adams,  is finished!

Chapter 4

Years later Arthur had done this, then, he had sold of his golden enormous body, was able to pay with this astronomically high sales revenue his astronomically high bills, which the transfer and the costs for storing his body had brought on. The body, which once was a vivid monument of the person to everybody verifiably owed the creation of the universe once, was now just a non-vivid monument of all the long time, all the aeons it stood on top of the pyramid, until a timely and dimensional window opened and it became the victim of an assault of islamic extremists of a parallel Earth. (Al Quaida confessed the assault, yet, as the unheard-of meaning and cosmical relevancy of this act revealed itself to the very much surprised public, a whole bunch of other islamic groups confessed (surveys and polls thereto came up with the result, that about a thousand new groups must have been founded anew, just for the purpose to eek out some publicity out of it) and all the struggles and frictions that thereby resulted lead to exceedingly bloody conflicts, in course of which a superbomb came into action, that erased this parallel Earth out of existence again.
(About which no one was really truly sorry about afterwards, not even the inhabitants of this parallel Earth itself.))
Yet nothing of this came to Arthur´s attention, instead he was now finally willing and able to confront his problems and to go to an exo-psychiatrist, he hadn´t have left any money to pay one, still he had found one which was rather well renowned to take care of him, after he had promised to recommend him to wealthy clients.
The first sittings weren´t too much rewarding, it had been obvious quite soon that there was a point in Arthur´s past better not to be touched, which must have been such a traumatic event, that he began to roll up like a hedge-hog, yet bawl like a left-alone baby-seal, each time it was even touched.
This exo-psychiatrist now, specialised in traumas and species of the local galaxy of all kinds, was inconspicuously leafing through a professional journal on the side, after Arthur had reached just another dead spot again and it was obvious it wouldn´t go on so soon after it.
Arthur lay on a couch, specially designed, so that it could adapt to the various demands of comfort of the various species of aliens and had shut his eyes, so he was not aware of it. (Anyway, the couch turned by itself, just as it was required in the according phases of therapy. (Or the according need of the therapist to leaf through a professional journal.))
Arthur moaned lightly and tried to moisten his dry mouth with his parched tongue, right away the couch delivered a cup of a liquid, suitable to his metabolism, in this case a beverage based on water.
The psychiatrist-being, that looked like a log of wood, stopped leafing.
“Well”, it said woodenly, now that it saw a slight chance of starting some sort of a trial balloon (even though a rather cheaply self-tinkered one, about which it would not be such a pity it would get stuck in a current line ineffectively) and let drop something like wood-shavings (only it was just that it leaks when it speaks), “why don´t you just spill your guts, say the first thing that comes to your mind…”
Arthur did not have to think twice about that the first thing that came to his mind, for that was simply he´d rather spill his guts literally than figuratively, for his subconscious had some very good reasons for repressing things. Guilt, was the first thing that surfaced up, namely and, by the way, the second one too and so on in just an endless row of things that would come up when he only looked at them too closely and which would have only one common denominator, guilt, namely.
Well, at an even closer look these things coming to surface all seem to yell this, too, GUILT!
Yet, the tricky thing about that problem was he couldn´t get any closer to it, it was as if he would quickly approach the point at which his mind would just right and simply refuse to cooperate in partnership and rather start to just simply sit down and sulk.
What he had found out, yet, was, that there were ways to circumvent this in a tricky manner, in that he would just simply talk about things that would be equivalent, yet not the actual causative matter to which access was declined to him alright.
“Guilt, it would be, probably”, said the log of wood and dropped some more shavings, for this it still knew from former sittings. “Yet about what? Did… you play with fire?” it now asked provocatively, for it knew that it could be a successful approach in alien therapy to confront them with something from the own proper back-ground and Arthur was intelligent enough to be well aware that for a being that looked like a log to play with fire was just a terrible and naughty thing to do.
Somehow this actually seemed to motivate him to say something, in the end.
“Well, you know”, Arthur now said, in a bright and cheerful manner (for he knew he would just lie to himself anyway), “on good old Earth” (he did not have to make further explanations, for he had spoken of it on earlier sittings, yes, to be more precise, he didn´t speak of anything else all the time anyway) “there was a man once named Ghengis Khan and quite a nasty evildoer he was, who had done quite a lot of nasty things not at all liked by a whole lot of people, for it more or less directly or indirectly led to their involuntary demise, then there was… well, which one shall we take, the list is quite long, oh, well, let´s just take this guy Pizzaro, who also had pissed of a good deal of people, because he wanted to get a hold of things that people were just not willing to let go, because it just simply happened to be theirs, so they were then brought to a state of mind, where it more or less didn´t matter to them anymore, if what they had possessed once now still did belong to them or to the people Pizarro wanted to get in his favour thereby – because they had all been massacred, shit happens, and those were just the natives of Middle-America and there were those of North-America, too, who did not have golden things to take away from them, yet hunting grounds and those too were taken away from them, by just sending them to the Eternal Hunting-Grounds for a change, namely, and then”, Arthur got more and more fired up, “there were Stalin and Mao and Hitler as well, and, wow, those guys didn´t really miss out to drop a brick or two if you could call shear and ugly killing of people that, to just pop in a little euphemism in here in between, to chill everybody and I mean this is all plain and simple demonstration of sheer and utter bad taste enough, yet then it got really not comic but cosmic on Earth, before it was finished with her then right away again, for she was destroyed to make room for hyperspatial bypass, just shortly before such was made superfluous anyway I mean, where were all these guys, these tree-sitters, to prevent them from being cut down, where were they, then?”
It looked at the log-being accusingly as if it were in any way responsible for it.
“Anyway, the Earth was destroyed and I set sails for a cosmic journey and…”
Arthur hesitated briefly, because he suddenly felt his left toe twitch, yet before he could continue he felt it in his right toe as well and so on until he realised he slowly had reached a point from whereon it began to become dangerous.
Whereabout his panic began to increase, until there was no stopping anymore and he began to twitch uncontrollably all over his body.
The psychiatrist-being felt obliged to take over and said casually: “Now, why don´t we just summon up what´s nagging you all the time, shall we. A. Our universe owes you it´s existence – erm, many thanks for that again, but couldn´t you perhaps just left out one or two minor problems in it and thereby include in it two or three more possible solutions….? A joke. Right, B. The Earth was destroyed by the so-called Vogons. C. There are your problems of cosmic scale.“
Arthur seemed to listen with only one ear, the other seemed to be preoccupied with trying to start a conversation with his nose, it was certainly about when there would be more pleasurable subjects up ahead for everybody.
“Well”, the exo-psychiatrist carried on, “we know A, B and C, only D we don´t know. So, how do we proceed? A relates to B, same as C relates to D, so, very simply, we use for a solution of the said something like the rule of three. It´s quite simple, is it not. The Earth was destroyed by the Vogons and you are more or less responsible for the coming to being of our universe, but suffer from such cosmic problems, for that there should be something quite extraordinary, to just keep the balance.”
The being bent over a little as if the now slightly trembling Arthur would be a nice open fire and it would want to put another log on the fire or to poke the gloom at least a little.
“The solution is but quite simple.”
It bent over even a bit more for another poke then added:
“You have destroyed your own universe.”

And – Arthur rolled up, shut his eyes and fell into a kind a catatonic stupor, from which he would not awake for a million years.

People soon constructed a mausoleum around him and surged in heaps to visit him and that´s what it was about Arthur´s try not to be a monument anymore.
Somehow it just plainly didn´t work out.

Chapter five 

Ford was in a rather cheerful mood, given the fact that he didn´t exist anymore, in a sense, and he felt not in any way bothered by it.

Chapter five to be continued


Above there´s the beginning of my fourth chapter of my seventh volume of the Hitch-Hiker´s Guide to the Galaxy. What Douglas Adams own brother himself told me about this, or rather about my sixth volume, see here:  http://www.douglasadams.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=17071

Chapter to be continued, always at this link:


More pics of 2011 as gallery: 


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