No more fascism, no more war – let there be peace und unity in Europe and elsewhere!

To swastika-symbol: This symbol still fascinates weak and prone people all over the world, that’s why, though this is a historic document, it goes on my website only crossed-out! This symbol stood for a felonious war of aggression, led by a fascist regime, emanating from German soil, causing the death of 55 million people. Let us never loose the lessons of the past, no more fascism, no more war!

To school certificate: this historic documentshows how deeply Germany was infiltrated already in 1936, only three years after the regime seized power

The other pics: “Though we may die, Germany must live!” Mere hypocrisy, the Nazis worshipped death, so in the end they wanted everybody dead. But dying took it’s time…What has begun almost as an adventure… ended tragically. These pictures have never been published before, they have been taken by a friend’s father, who had to take part in the war from ’40 to ’45. Though he also took pictures of burning tanks and charred corpses – these comparably peaceful shots show well enough that these men carried all the scars and horrors of war all throughout their whole life.


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Europe's cab-driving writer
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