As a true European…

… I congratulate Britain to the Ukip.

For this party points out clearly where lies the deficits of European and global unification. It is not too fast, but it is in complete neglect of what ordinary, plain people ask for, it is all about the needs of global players and European corporations. Take in consideration what the people really want and the Ukip does not have any purpose to exist anymore and will soon pass into oblivion, for then their job is done.

As for Brighton HCO – see to that foreign drivers have excellent standards in English language and road knowledge and that they care for their job and their city. Then make sure that regulations are clear and just and avoid dodgy ones as the one about the driving licence, that it has to be UK-one for cab-licence renewal, for this will only keep all the foreign drivers away from returning home because they feel unwanted, for they, well,  just do no really fit in, at least some of them. Then we can happily see cab-business prosper again and anti-foreigner resentments diminish.

Thanks for reading this here and maybe even thinking about it every now and then.

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on TDO

Britain’s richest people are wealthier than ever before, with a combined fortune of almost £520bn, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.
Well, am I glad that my British colleagues have done so well, for cab-business is a bit slower in Germany these days and unknown German writers… well, no need to elaborate this any further, so I am ashamed for not being as clever and smart as the people on the Rich List – I am still on my debts of 30.000 Euros.
Well, then it´s sure good anyway to have a government that does so nicely look out for one´s interests, isn´t it, even when you are just a resident from a foreign Country!
Why, they said I can live on JSA while going through the whole process of getting a new licence, didn´t they! Oh, I think this is so nice of the HCO!
So, I´ll just jump to that and in no time it´s me, who´ll be the richest man in the UK!
Happy, happy, happy! :mrgreen:

As for me, dear Reader, of my blog I am headed für Colmar this summer, I really hope that this time I am able to make it. More on my German blog.

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for TDO

A hotel manager from Tenerife told me that tourists from other countries generally go about things a bit more elegantly. For instance, if they want to upgrade to a better room, the Italians will compliment the hotel staff and smile, while the Swiss often cite health problems as a reason for needing an upgrade. Germans, on the other hand, don’t beat around the bush and simply say, ‘If you don’t change this, I’m going to sue you.’

Dumb German! Let´s do it the slick and smooth Italian way!
Let´s make them an offer they can´t refuse! 

Alright-e, B&H, you´re citta, you´re city is-e so bella, alright-e? So why don t you make me wet-e my beak a little? I´m-e only asking- e for a small favour-e don´t I? So, you´re not-e taking away my livelyhood-e? For this-e would only make me roam the streets and have-e dumb ideas, right-e?
Ah si! Now you molto capici, que belissima!

So, don´t make me go call for help from my friends, the European Federal Party, which I have become a member of, for this is exactly the thing they are looking for!

translated by me into German:

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I am a member of the European Federal Party

Here is a programm as pdf:

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Thank you, Marcus O´Dair

… for your article in your book about me!


I am much obliged for what you have written, as quoted below:



It is not the usual, wtf does this usurper thinks he is doing, the guy´s so full of himself he has completely lost his appetite! Instead it´s more like, yes, he obviously is full of himself, but there might be a point in that, I mean, how else does an unknown author get known?

So all there is left for me to add is, being labeled as a “cab-driver”, I must say that I don´t drive a cab anymore, only a few hours every now and then, instead I continue writing my arse off, so to label me correctly I´d prefer “an unknown author from Germany”, just as I had written at the the time this book was laid in print already six books and translated five.

And if you can´t completely abstain from labeling me a cab-driver (see, that is the point, once a cab-driver, always a cab-driver and aren´t they obnoxious and rude all the time, oh, we know that, don´t we, always deprived of something and underprivileged, fighting to get back what life had hold back from them, oh, don´t we know), then please do it properly and mention that I hold an unofficial but without much doubt all the while still valid world-record in that I have worked as a licensed cab-driver in three different European countries and am currently spending as much time as an English student in drinking on practicing French, in order to add another country to it, France namely, sometime soon.

But other then that, thank you again, I will try to live up to it, watch this space. (Only my web-address has changed, see below.)

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Stupid cab-drivers have to follow rules, bankers make them


As we all know, more than a dozen big banks have over the years manipulated the Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) and it´s European counterpart, the Euribor, to provide themselves with trade benefits, as part of the system of greedy bankers, that have caused the crash of 2008.

This link here (in German) says, that the authority to control the Euribor now does not go to the ESMA in Paris, as proposed, but due to intervention of the Fleet-Street lobbyists around Cameron´s corrupt government, will stay in London, so that the rich will not have to obey rules, but can keep on making them up as they deem fit, so that they will become even more rich and people like cab-drivers will stay poor.

As we all know, too, the people responsible for the Lehmann crash, which is responsible for our misery, were not punished in any way, instead now have all “golden bottocks”, as we Germans say, have all become even more rich. (As this link proves (in German)) (Translate the text by Google translator or look it up yourself, there is plenty of literature on this in English, so please forgive me that I don´t take the time to provide it.)

So I just want you to recognize, that I went to the UK in 2007, ran in debts of 15.000 Euros and, due to the crash of 2008, took those debts right back home again.

And now they want me to renew my licence, go through the whole process again, although no one will lend me a penny anymore, because everybody “would have to follow the rules, which would go for everybody without exception”.

So I, who is just one of many, many stupid small people, cab-drivers, etc, who have been screwed over by the financial mob in London and NYC, have to abide rules, whereas they didn´t, they don´t and they never will, until we unite and rise up against them.

So I´m begging you, take a little time reading the thread and what I am saying, instead of releasing your anger on me, like this stupid guy just before (who has not apologised so far!) and support me in this fight for justice! Support me, because you support yourself with it!

To hell with stupid rules, which only have to be obeyed, because otherwise small people would rise up and smash the system of greedy bankers and corrupt politicians that keeps us down, to hell with it!

Please be also smart enough to know that this rule, that took my licence, is not appropriate to keep foreign drivers out, it keeps them in, because they can´t risk leaving the country for more than a year or their licence will expire! And that I personally will support anything else that would strengthen the position of local drivers, such as strict and even more strict language checks.

Those measures are appropriate to prevent the UK cab-business from being flooded by foreign drivers, not the rule that a UK-driving licence is required for renewal, which is bollocks, which is a stupid rule and needs to be changed!

These people that took my licence for which I have worked really, really hard have no right to do so! Either everybody follows the rules so the banksters that steal our money give it back to us or new and better rules have to be made!

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Dumb Germans wonders… This is what I have asked David Swanson on FB: “David, can you please inform us about the human shield activities on behalf of peace movement – against attacks from the Assad regime?”

Instead of answering me he took me from his friends list on Facebook, although I translated his book into German without having ever seen a penny for it. This, plus the way he always favors regimes like Iran and Syria – I think he is not only a whacko but a dangerous one. 

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